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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Moving Time!!

Moving barns is never easy. It always seems like you never have enough stuff for your horse until it's time to move all that stuff. Then suddenly it's like you own an entire tack shop!

This effect is, of course, amplified when you're trying to move 13 horses, 6 boarders, and (I've lost count of how many) lesson clients and all THEIR stuff. Luckily a good chunk of the new barn was built already so we could move in stages the past few weeks.
View as of Monday from the upper field - photo credit: Chelsea
A few tack trunks here, some buckets there, a load of horses this day and that day. I take serious pity on anyone who has to move an entire barn in one sitting. We only had one minor hiccup when the truck broke down yesterday but big thank you to the mechanic who had it fixed within 12hrs so we could finish up the move! A week of this has left us all exhausted but worth it to see happy ponies frolicking in the big field:
Quest, Zone, & Top Position (who needs a barn name, suggestions welcome) - photo credit: Chelsea
Chelsea had skylights put in so it's nice and bright with a ton of natural light!

I don't even want to know what it is or where it came from!

Most of the Penwick crew came up last week for barn clean up and jump building. We managed to dodge the rain and enjoy pizza and lessons in the new indoor. Arizona tagged along to check out the new digs and came back from the woods with this doozy of a bone:

Painting poles

A glimpse of the kids hard work

We are super creative!

Awesome new jump standards! - photo credit: Chelsea

This week I'll be organizing our storage areas and getting everyone settled in while Chelsea shows at the Kent School HT on Sunday. (By the grace of God I managed to tame Regals mane in between moving but I SWEAR that horse grew another few inches this winter and he certainly used it to his advantage as I tried to pull his afro into something more respectable. Total pussy cat until you whip out a mane comb then he's my little wild step-child.) After organizing I get a few weeks to rest for a bit before trudging all my stuff up to the barn and my new apartment:
Coolest apartment ever btw - second floor bedroom has the best view of the pond and cross country field!

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